Thank you for visiting Abilene Road Riders website. Abilene Road Riders was founded in 1976, we are proudly the oldest chartered motorcycle riding  club in Abilene. 

 About Us




      We are a family orientated riding club of all ages that consists of many local


           business owners, retiree's and just good people that like to ride dine and


                                                      enjoy each others company.


 For more information about the Abilene Road Riders or to contact us feel free to e-mail, Roadriders on Facebook.


                                                                             P.O Box 7144


                                                                        Abilene, TX 79608

          Check our calendar page for upcoming events and rides. There is always


              the weekly ride and dinner on Thursday evening leaving from Max's


                  at 6:30, The Saturday Breakfast ride and the First Sunday rides


                          as well as weekend rides and other events scheduled.

            Check the Calendar page to get more information







Interested in becoming a member of the Abilene Road Riders? 


 Representatives of the Abilene Road Riders will be present at 


 941 N Mockingbird Ln, Abilene, TX for


 "Max's Lunch On The Grill" 


 every first Saturday of the month from 11:00-3 with a short ride following. 




Just come join us on a ride (see our calender for dates and times)  


 There is a $25 family membership






                                                               President: Shawn Owen

                                                      Vice President:Ron Miller

                                                   Treasurer: Heather Dempsey

                                                        Newsletter: Ron Miller

                                                       Historian: Andy Burrow

                                                      Webpage : Betty Brooks

                Road Captains: Shari Moore~Gordon Dempsey~Mike "Taz" Duncan~

                                               Ralph Hester & Terry Zimmerlee